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Tudor Titzoiu

 “...by drawing human beings in their most stripped down forms, Titzoiu points to a shared essence. His practice of abstraction goes further still, to the simplest fundamental elements of representation and perception, perhaps even of reality itself: colour and line. Abstraction in art offers a promise of transcending differences and finding a common language. One can understand the microcosmic world of a well-composed picture as offering an analogy to a well-organized social world, where the good life can be lived.  Looking at Titzoiu’s pictures one might speculate about certain ethical principles behind his aesthetics: a well-composed world has its own equilibrium and harmony, but can accommodate experimentation and happy accidents; contrasts and contradictions are not to be feared, but cultivated and enjoyed; the smallest part should be given the same care and attention as the whole; from certain perspectives, the world has centres, but in other senses, every place is as important as any other; we should recognise and make visible the lines of life that connect people with each other, and the planet they live on; the social world is a work in progress that is never definitively finished. Yet abstract art’s claims to universalism are vulnerable to scepticism and critique.  It is common sense to observe that every spectator will bring their own experiences and preconceptions to an image; there is no one universal meaning that everybody will infallibly draw from it.  Moreover, people’s ways of seeing and standards of beauty are conditioned by their identities and positions in power hierarchies: for example a white bourgeois man might overlook things seen and valued by a working class woman of colour.  With this in mind, I can’t help wondering if the somewhat childish aspect of Titzoiu’s technique may represent (among other things) a form of wilful naivety, a way to impart to his work the innocent universality of childhood, helping it to float on past troubling critiques. “ extract from art critic Ben Pritchett’s essay for the exhibition catalogue, Titzoiu: unspoken lines - no man is an island, 2018, Bristol   



Solo show @ Hamilton House Gallery, Bristol, UK March 2018

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Tudor Titzoiu

Bristol, City Of Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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Tudor Titzoiu

    Visual Artist / Film Director/ Photographer/ Graphic Designer /Art Teacher - QTS Certificate   

Studies: National University of Arts – Bucharest, Doctorate school -2016-2019 

University Ovidius Constanta, Faculty of Arts, Master Degree – Visual Education 2014 

University Ovidius Constanta, Faculty of Arts, BA – Pedagogy of Arts -  2014 

Univerdidad Europea de Madrid, Spain – Faculty of Arts – 2013 – Erasmus grant 

University Spiru Haret, Law Degree – 1999-2004 – Constanta, Romania 

Art High school of Constanta- 1995-1999   

Work: 2017 – Arts2lifeUK – Bristol – talent agency – Graphic Designer 2017 - Member of Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®  -since 1916)  United States of America Member of The Visual Artists’ Union of Romania, Constanta Branch Independent Filmmaker / Director/ Producer/ Editor 2016-present Vicepresident Fundatia Arta Constanta 2000-present Curator of  Art Gallery Tomis Mall Constanta 2014 – 2015 – Art Teacher - History of Fine Arts/ painting and drawing teacher at “Queen Mary” Art High school – Constanta – Romania 2000- present – Graphic Designer - freelancer Art symposiums participation : Constanta, Arad, Balchik, Dervent, Techirghiol, Moreni Massmedia: Prima Tv, Telegraf, Tv Neptun, etc


Solo show - Unspoken lines - no man is an island - Hamilton House Gallery Bristol, March 2018

SPACE Open – Part 1 - Bristol, UK, group exhibition Space Gallery, PRSC

 Bristol, UK -  "Buy or Burgle It "  Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC)  - collective exhibition with artists :   Alpha Wilson, Annie Lilygreen, Ben Hartley, Hannah Anderson, James George, Jill Eastland, Justin Quinnell, Lara Luna Bartley, Pablo Teresa, Phoebe Tye, Rebecca Hiscocks, Ruby Fleming, Wistful Horizons, Shaun Harrigan, Tudor Titzoiu, Thomas Eastland and Xavier Roy. "Per-Art" International Festival - 2011 - Constanta, Romania Balchik Light - group exhibition - 2011, Balchik, Bulgaria "Artensive" -International Art Festival 2012 -Constanta, Romania "Heraldry of light "- group exhibition - 2012 - Constanta, Romania "More than Human" - group exhibition 2012, Constanta, Romania Painting/ Sculpture– Contemporary Art Gallery Dervent – 2012 –Dervent Monastery, Romania „Primordial” - Group exhibition at  „Fiii Dobrogei” Art Gallery - 2012 -City Park Mall "Constanta I love you" - Group exhibition, 2012 - Constanta Romania Universidad Euopea de Madrid, group exhibition, 2013, Madrid, Spain International Art Symposium UAP– Art Gallery Delta – 2013 Arad, Romania Exhibition Project “Group 21” Arad/Timisoara -  2013 Shumen University, group exhibition, Shumen, 2013 Bulgaria "Faces Faces" - 2013 - Group Exhibition, Constanta, Romania Winter salon, 2013 UAP Constanta, Romania Ceronav Gallery personal exhibition 2014, Constanta, Romania BioART – Ovidius University Campus -group exhibition- 2014 – Constanţa, Romania „Faces Faces” -University Ovidius Constanta, April 2014 “Overlays” – Tomis Art Gallery, Tomis Mall Constanta – April 2014 “Ovidiana” - group exhibition UAP Constanta 1 – 2015 -  Tomis Art Gallery, Tomis Mall Constanţa 2015 “Summer exhibition” -UAP Constanta 1 – group exhibition- Tomis Art Gallery, Tomis Mall Constanţa 2015       “The great small painting” -  2015 – UAP Art Gallery Constanta – group exhibition   International Art Symposium UAP– Art Gallery Delta – 2015 Arad, Romania Exhibition Project “Group 21” Arad/Timisoara -  2015  International Art Symposium UAP– Art Gallery Delta – 2016 Arad, Romania Photo Exhibition – Art Gallery Delta 2016 , Arad, Romania Summer Exhibition - UAP Art Gallery Constanta – group exhibition 2016 Exhibition Project “Group 21” Arad/Timisoara -  2016 40 sqm mosaic work at Hotel Onplonge – Mamaia resort, Constanta, Romania ”Brancusi” ex libris itinerant worldwide group exhibition - 2015-2018 Works in private and public collections in Romania and abroad. Semi finalist – Caraibbean Film & Market Festival 2017 2017 Viva Film Festival Sarajevo Official Selection – large festival with screenings in 12 cities    Official Selection Foto/Film Festival  Tijuana, Mexic  Selected as finalist at SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival runned by the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers and Hollywood Professional Association, with one of my short movies. Official selections will be presented — and award-winners announced — at the SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2017), Oct. 23-26 in Hollywood, California Official Selection at  at the African Smartphone International Film Festival at the category Best International Film 2017 - Lagos   Directing/Producing/ Filming short documentaries 

Volunteer: Rotaract Club International – President Rotaract Constanta, Rotary International 2005 ELSA Romania, Marketing Director – 2000 The Hospitable Lightouse Association –co-founder - 2001 - present Paiting donations for charities in UK and Romania 

Courses: Webdesign course – 2016 – Certificate – GMB Computers   3D Studio Max course – 2016 Autodesk Certificate 

Professional Photography course – Avatar Studio 2016  - 3 months       

Film Certificate God Art Academy
Soseaua Vergului nr 6, Bucharest (Romania)   7 days Short movie /documentary intensive course held by awarded film director George Adamescu. Subjects covered: screenwriting directing, filming, acting, post-production.   

Computer skills: Windows, Office suite Corel Draw Photoshop Dreamweaver 3D Studio Max Davinci Resolve 14 Filmora Wondershare

  studio:  Bristol, UK
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